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Sivota Informations

Sivota offers a kind of appealing, beautiful and relatively unspoilt Greek destination that is becoming increasingly difficult to find.
Sivota is a small village at the coast of Epirus Prefecture, on the way to Parga from the capital city, Igoumenitsa.

If you are looking for a tranquil village for your holidays with a selection of facilities and a region to live the traditional way of life of the locals then Sivota is your destination.

The village center is on the calm waterfront area, where you can enjoy the views to the two small islets in the village bay and to the islands of Corfu and Paxos.

There are plenty lovely beaches to choose and a few tiny wooded inshore islands for total peace and seclusion. Sivota beaches can all be reached easily on foot or a by the sea if you hire a small boat.

Some beaches are about 10 to 15 minutes away from the village center. Bela Vraka beach is one of the best to visit just 15 minutes walk. Mega Amos beach is the most popular and a little bit further but offer beach facilities and a nice tavern to taste the Greek food. None of the Sivota beaches will ever disappoint you. All of them offer clean and shallow water and romantic atmosphere is the trade mark.

Also the islands and beaches can be reached by little boats. When the evening comes, locals and visitors usually spend some time in the cafes and fish taverns, around the harbour watching the wonderful sunsets.

If you like nightlife, here you can find everything. Drinks are cheap and the local bars are very hospital.

Until 1913 Sivota were under the domination of Turks who called it Mourtos. In 1959 it was named Sivota after the homonym sea-battle taken place in the nearby islands during the Peloponnesian war (433 B.C.). It was a sea-battle of the Corinthian and Thesprotian navy against the Corfu naval forces ally of the Athenians.

In a distance of 8 km. south of Sivota there is a small village named Perdika known for the beaches of Arilla and Karavostasi. The best way to get to know all beaches and small bays is to hire a small boat especially because some places inaccessible by land.

Some more beaches for swimming are Zavia, Pissina, Zeri, Gallikos Molos, Mikros Paradissos, Megali Ammos.

Sivota is surrounded by the islets Mavro Oros, St. Nicholas and Mourtemeno that you can visit also by boat.

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