Eutopia Homes

Inspired by the 'Utopian' philosophy of life, Eutopia Homes seek to offer ideal well-being to every guest by fusing modern architecture and interior design with Greece’s legacy and infinite natural surroundings. Our practical aspiration is that our aesthetically pleasing homes will possess highly desirable qualities, triggering your senses in capturing precious moments as well as embracing and revering the natural scenery of sea and forest around you. Eutopia Homes is a way to reach a harmonious state of mind, peace, happiness and discover your own 'EUTOPIA'.

Utopia is in the moment. Not in some future time, some other place, but in the here and now, or else it is nowhere.
-- Alfred Stieglitz

5Eutopia Activities


1. Paxos & Antipaxos
The east coast of the island is recommended to search for nice coves. The west coast offers a more rugged landscape, with steep cliffs, that can reach 200 meters high in many cases. Here is where most caves are found, many of which can only be accessed by a boat.Moreover, Paxi has many small sandy beaches that get crowded in summer. However, waters remain crystal and clear, ideal for swimming and for practicing some other water activities, such as scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing. The most important beaches are Glyfada, Levrechio,Orkos, Monodendri and Arkoudaki.
2. Parga
Parga is a lovely town on the north western side of Greece. Although it is a mainland town, its architecture gives a special island vibe. Parga is mostly famous for its picturesque architecture and the stunning beaches, such as Valtos, Lichnos and Sarakiniko. The most interesting sightseeing in the region are the Venetian Castle of Parga, the Ottoman Castle in Anthoussa village and the Springs of Acheron River.
3. Corfu
Corfu, the island of Phaeakia in ancient times, is considered as one of the most interesting and beautiful islands of Greece. It is a place heavily influenced by various European cultures, an element predominant in the architecture of the island. Corfu gives the impression of a travel back to the time of the knights. Nonetheless it is also one of Greece’s most beautiful islands and certainly the greenest one. Excellent sandy beaches, lush landscapes and magnificent archaeological,historical and religious sites complete the picture.
4. Acheron River
Acheron,also known as the gates of the Underworld in ancient times, is a river with impressive wild vegetation, crystal clear waters, deep forests, puddles and ponds formed along which is suitable for any kind of activity.Try hiking or horseback riding along the river, experience Rafting and Kayak canoe. Finally, if you are bold and are not daunted by its cold waters, swim fearlessly in Acheron and feel rejuvenated!


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